Vonage has announced that its Premier for Service Cloud Voice solution will now include Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights integration.

The increased capabilities of Vonage’s tool will make the company one of the few contact centers providers to offer full integration with AI-powered Einstein Conversation Analytics, trends, and data.

As well as enhancing customer engagement, Vonage claims that the AI-powered advancements will help boost agent and customer experience by providing “intelligent, global calling capabilities.”

Savinay Berry, EVP of Product and Engineering at Vonage, discussed the benefits of the company’s partnership with Salesforce and his desire to continue expanding Vonage’s Premier for Service Cloud Voice customer offering:

“As one of the first Contact Center as-a-Service providers to offer this integration to Service Cloud Voice users, we are meeting a real and growing demand for advanced speech analytics.

With these AI-based insights, our customers can make improvements and adjustments in how they connect and interact with customers with actionable data that will ultimately drive better customer experiences and higher engagement.

Let’s take a closer look at how the integration of Salesforce’s solution will impact users.

One of the key features of the integration is Salesforce’s Einstein Conversation Insights tool, which will allow Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice sales and service customers to access real-time conversational data, such as voice transcripts and caller sentiment.

This feature enables post-call analysis, where agents and supervisors can review and identify keywords and areas of interest, leading to improved coaching and follow-up actions.

The solution will also enable customers to listen to recorded conversations and uncover mentions of competitors, products, custom keywords, and discussions about pricing.

Sales and service leaders can then analyze conversation trends from voice and video calls, enabling them to make informed decisions to acquire and retain valuable customer relationships.

The company believes that its real-time transcription, integrated with Salesforce’s conversation intelligence, can enhance customer experience by prompting next best actions, supervisor alerts, and post-call quality management and coaching.

Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting, also discussed Vonage’s integration of Salesforce’s AI-powered tools, describing it as a growing trend.

“This new integration for the Vonage Contact Center solution, which leverages deeper analytics in Salesforce, highlights a key and growing trend in the contact centre technology market,” said Fluss.

Given the rapid pace of innovation for AI and analytics, technology partnerships are a highly effective method to quickly bring new and advanced capabilities to market, giving clients increased flexibility in the solutions they use to deliver an enhanced customer and employee experience.

While the enhancement of Vonage’s Premier for Service Cloud Voice solution was the latest byproduct of the two companies’ relationship, it certainly wasn’t the first.

In September of last year, Vonage launched ‘Conversations for Salesforce’, an omnichannel messaging app integrating the Salesforce platform with Vonage Contact Center (VCC).

The solution allows businesses to seamlessly serve customers through Salesforce, incorporating bot and VCC agent interactions. It also provides scalable SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messaging from Salesforce, enabling businesses to create customized workflows effortlessly.

The enterprise-grade cloud communications solutions provider also recently sealed another partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance the accessibility of its anti-fraud tools through distribution across AWS Marketplace.

This collaboration leverages Vonage’s communication and network APIs, along with AWS’s influence, to offer developers a comprehensive suite of networking solutions aimed at enhancing user safety, anti-fraud protection, and customer experience innovation.

By integrating Vonage’s CSP networks, Ericsson’s 5G capabilities, and AWS services, the collaboration promises developers a wide array of valuable tools and innovations.

Salesforce has also been making moves outside of its partnership with Vonage.

Last week, the company unveiled its Unified Knowledge Solution aimed at enhancing personalization and efficiency.

The tool consolidates knowledge resources from diverse third-party systems, integrating them into Salesforce for easy access by service agents, ultimately improving customer case-handling times.

Unified Knowledge complements Salesforce’s Data Cloud, enhancing its generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, with the aim of delivering faster and more personalized customer experiences.

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